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Featured Projects

  Tilia / FoodSaver:
     eCommerce & Direct Marketing Consulting

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In 1999 the CEO of Tilia hired us to "get them on the right track for eCommerce." Our consulting project lead directly to:

  1. Building a separate organization to support and grow the direct-to-consumer business (separate sales channel) for the FoodSaver brand
  2. Developing and building enterprise wide infrastructure (IT & CRM)
  3. Integrating Web and Internet tools into existing workflow processes
  4. Energizing and empowering key groups and departments to incorporate the web into their own goals and objectives.

Our Added Value:

  • Blend of experience in traditional consumer products, branding, eBusiness consulting, and web development
  • Media planning & buying background
  • Consumer advocacy
  • Ability to manage details and see the bigger picture


  • Develop Web Vision for Tilia and get them on the right track to do e-Commerce right
  • Manage the Direct-to-Consumer business for FoodSaver
  • Provide consulting in Consumer Branding & Marketing, and Communications


  • Strategic visions for sustainable Direct-to-Consumer channel and for corporate/ brand Web presence developed.
  • Catalyst for development and implementation of critical infrastructure (IT, systems, CRM) and organizational restructuring.
  • Energized and involved employees in use of Web for information exchange for increased efficiency and improved knowledge base.
  • Revenues for direct sales channel increased dramatically

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