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Books and book projects we have contributed to by consulting about publishing, the Internet, or markeing - or - by providing photography or other editorial content:

  • Makers of Mischief | Memoir: Publishing consult

  • I'm Going to be a Big Sister; I'm Going to be a Big Brother | Children's Books: Publishing | Online consult and implementation

  • Budgeting: Design consult

  • Real Estate Investing: Publishing consult

  • Clsoe Strangers | Poetry + Fiction: Cover photo by Paula Hendricks

  • Rio Grande High Style Coffee Table book: Editorial photos by Paula Hendricks

  • Fresh Ink: Non-fiction - business; Memoir: Author photo by Paula Hendricks

  • Paris travel guide: Publishing + Marketing consult

  • Inspirational photography + poetry: Book shepard

  • Jane Austen derivative novel: Book query + proposal consult

  • How to change your life in a week: Publishing consult

  • Transformed by Triathlon | Memoir - Inspirational: Production work

  • Memoir: Book query + proposal consult

  • Pet Nutrition: Book publishing consult + book development

  • Spirituality: Publishing consult

  • Regional history: Publishing consult

  • Business contacts: Editorial consult

  • Futuristic novel: Editorial consult

  • Artist biography: Publishing consult

  • Children's book: Publishing consult

  • Green Architect: Publishing + Editorial consult

  • Olives: Publishing + Marketing consult

  • How to Buy a Used Car: Publishing + Editorial consult

Books we have written, designed, produced or published

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