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Cinnabar Bridge Communications provides senior level communications & marketing project management, consulting, and interim management services targeting companies involved in building infrastructure, construction, engineering, and the internet.

We can be helpful to companies in a variety of ways:

We help companies communicate better -- and are particularly valuable to those whose core competencies are not marketing or communications.

Our unique value is our ability to make your business information accessible to others and our depth of experience in both online and offline worlds.

We're smart, we're creative, we're pragmatic, and we get things done.

Book Producer / Book Packager

Getting your ideas out into the world is a specialty of ours, whether we use traditional publishing -- books in print -- or online. We can help. We love books. All kinds of books. We love producing and packaging and organizing and designing and managing book projects. We've done this for ourselves and for others. Whether your goal is creating instant expertise or printing a fine art book, we can make it happen. Let us help you produce your book.

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 Project Management

There are times when projects come along that will interfere with day-to-day marketing management, either because they are unique one time projects or because the nature of the project demands an outside focus, such as many eBusiness initiatives. In these cases businesses benefit from having an outside resource to develop and oversee management of the project. Cinnabar Bridge Communications can provide top level project management services to assist busy marketing departments keeping their focus on the day-to-day and involving them in longer term visioning as well.

Special Projects might include: Branding; Organizational Change; Knowledge Management; or Using the Web effectively.

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 Offsite Marketing Department

Many businessess are running lean these days and the shift to more virtual organizations, and concentration on core competencies, means that more and more companies may not have adequate internal marketing resources. In many cases, there is no need to staff up for marketing -- assuming there are trusted partners in place. Marketing and communications ARE our core competency, thus ensuring when you use us, you are getting the best we have to offer, depth of experience, and our own highly regarded network of resources. Let us be your marketing department, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

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Marketing is a complex area, particularly today with the importance of integrating the web and customer service with marketing programs. There are many variables and a great deal of internal and external coordination is required. In addition, creating a viable eBusiness model often requires extra effort which cannot easily be accommodated while managing the day-to-day programs already in place. Both established and early stage businesses find an advisor to the VP of Marketing helpful in achieving the highest level of marketing productivity - exploring communications options to best leverage messaging, target markets, knowledge management, partners, internal resources, and cross selling opportunities.

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